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I warmly welcome all kayak enthusiasts. If You ever go kayaking, then I do not have to convince You – You will set off on a trail again for sure. Those who are looking for an idea how to spend a cheap and unforgettable vacation and they have never sit in kayak, can be sure that it is really worth trying.

Obrakajakiem.pl is located in a small village near Trzciel in western Poland (lubuskie voivodship, międzyrzecki county). It is only 7,6 km from the highway A2 exit (E30). It is about one hour way from Gorzow, Zielona Gora and Poznan. So do not hesitate and learn the charms of Obra river. I have eight kayaks available and they are all waiting for You...

Kayak's trips on the river Obra, Paklica and Pliszka.

I have been running the suggested kayak routes several times what gave me the feeling of relaxation, joy and satisfaction with the distance travelled. The unforgettable views of the beautiful land of Lubuskie are the reward. The addictional attractions are Interurban Fortified Region, Regional Museum in Miedzyrzecz, Sanctuary in Rokitno, Monastery in Paradyz and also other places worth visiting.


We offer You accommodation in an agritourist farm, located in the cover of the Pszczew National Park. Travel to our farm shouldn't be a problem because it is only 1,3 km from DK 92. We have rooms for two and four people. Our farm is situated away from urban noise that is why it is very peaceful and quiet place. During mushroom time there is many mushroom species. What is more, our guests can use the arbor, place for bonfire and grill with benches and also pond with carp.


Here you can calculate the approximate price of renting kayaks and send an inquiry immediately.
The price includes transport costs calculated on the basis of the distance of individual stops from the base and the number of kayaks.
In case of own transport, the cost of renting is PLN 80 per kayak per day.

How to use the calculator?
Start by clicking on the 'Starting place' field. The points that turn blue on the map are hot spots that you can select as the starting point for your rafting trip. After selecting, at a given point, a green kayaker icon will appear. Then, from the remaining active points, select the end of the trip. If you want to rent more than 1 kayak, enter the quantity in the 'Number of kayaks' field - the maximum value is 12, as this is how many can be transported at once. To recalculate the cost of the trip, select the 'Starting place' field again.
inactive point
the beginning of the rafting
end of the trip
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